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Techno Q installs, integrates and maintains security systems that keep facilities safe, secure, comfortable, productive and energy-efficient.


Access Control
Access control is all about managing who gets in, where they can have access to and when they are able to get access. Techno Q offers multiple system solutions to help you control who goes where and when, with access privileges that are easy to customize.


Anti-Shoplifting (EAS)
Techno Q supplies EAS systems to help retailers protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities by reducing shoplifting and internal theft. EAS systems for superb detection and deactivation performance, durability, easy-of-use, and aesthetics to match any decor.


Techno Q provides top-notch CCTV technology helping you protect people, assets, and property. Start with the simplicity of a surveillance camera and a monitor or move to more complex applications involving switchers, digital recorders, and system control. Integrate networked security solutions with our line of IP enabled products.


Intrusion Alarms
From homes to factories and offices of any size, Techno Q provides intrusion systems that meet the most rigorous international standards and include the most advanced security technology. Typical products and systems include intrusion detectors/alarms and transmission equipment.


Nurse Call
Techno Q selects and delivers high quality, affordable and flexible communications solutions for healthcare facilities. Guaranteeing security and comfort of patients and the operators.


Time Attendance
Techno Q is able to support your business in the design and application of a proficient and accurate Time Tracking Management System. From a time card to an advanced biometric system, depending on your business needs our team can advise you on the best solution that fits your oraganisation's requirements.


Voice Evacuation
Techno Q designs the safest and most efficient Voice Alarm System for evacuation and emergencies.

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