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Polycom HDX 6000

Polycom announce on June 17th 2009 the launch of the new entry-level Polycom HDX 6000™ room telepresence system with a competitive starting price.

The new Polycom HDX 6000 is a full-featured HD system at a price that can be quickly cost justified through the elimination of just a few business trips. Polycom continues to expand its performance-leading systems by providing more options for broad deployments and for smaller organisations looking to leverage the benefits of telepresence.

The Polycom HDX 6000 delivers 720p HD video quality (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per second (fps) starting at just 832 Kbps, and DVD-quality video (704 x 576) at 30 fps starting at just 256 Kbps.

The experience is enhanced through HD stereo audio quality that enables natural, two-way conversations (Polycom 22 kHz HD Voice in StereoSurround™), and the ability for users to share critical work in HD, including movies, spreadsheets, presentations, images, or physical items like barcodes, envelopes, and products through a variety of peripherals (PC, DVD player, document camera, etc.).

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