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Techno Q Joins hands with Reach Out to Asia

Techno Q - the leading system integrator in Qatar - was founded in Doha 13 years ago and now counts over 140 professionals. Locally owned, it has always been attentive to the needs and developments of the local community. But for the first time, this year, Techno Q employees join the Reach Out to Asia Ramadan Volunteer Program. Some of them will participate actively in the Sidra Tree Campaign: ten staff members will spend their free time at the Hamad Hospital to encourage people donate for the Sidra Tree Campaign, aimed at promoting education, heath and nutrition throughout Asia and the Middle East. The Sidra Tree, a beacon of learning and comfort in the desert, becomes the icon of this Reach Out to Asia fundraising program in order to “engage” the local community during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Mr Zeyad Al Jaidah, Techno Q Managing Director comments: “We are proud of having our staff involved in such an important community activity. It is the first time for us, but we look forward to establish a long-term relationship with Reach Out to Asia supporting their numerous activities. We highly encourage our staff to contribute to such activities as we believe that they pose great opportunities for personal growth and enrichment.”

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