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Summer Internship in Techno Q

Techno Q takes seriously its Human Resources Management

Techno Q – has been included in the HR research run by the Qatar University MBA students
Techno Q congratulates its first Texas A&M University internship student 

Techno Q is experiencing a rapid growth, moving from a small family-run company to a medium size, modern organized enterprise. A growth in numbers: from sixty employees in 2007 to forecasted two hundred professionals by the end of this year. This growth brings along also a qualitative change in the organization, its processes and future plans. An HR professional is now in charge of the recruiting and retaining activities, acting also as a counsellor for the staff, supporting them in their career progress and internal relationships. The management team has been reinforced introducing several senior professionals in the Projects and Consultancy areas. A strong leading support from the top to guide the team to a better long-term planning, more sophisticated processes and higher quality standards. And - for the first time - Techno Q has welcomed a few brilliant fresh graduates in its ranks.

Qatar University MBA students run an HR research taking Techno Q as a case history. Interviewing over 20% of the staff they highlighted the overall satisfaction of Techno Q staff – 70% of the employees are engaged achieving Techno Q goals. But the research also showed their need for a stronger leadership in their daily activities. They suffer the uncomfortable feeling of things changing fast. And this is somehow a positive sign: the team is reacting to the changes, even if this can be stressful. 

Mr Zeyad Al Jaidah - Techno Q Managing Director- comments “We are now officially entering a new phase for our organization. With a massive expansion in the scale and number of projects we manage. The organization must find a new balance, moving to a higher standard. We needed to reinforce our senior staff introducing professionals with a solid experience. But at the same time we strongly believe we need young brilliant talents to be nurtured within our team. That’s the reason why started working with the local universities on research projects, internship programs and in-class lecturers. We recently hired two fresh graduates from India who are now performing really well in their position”. 

Techno Q is also proud to congratulate Matthias Mueller, from Texas A&M, who is completing his internship in the Design Team. Techno Q HR Officers comments: “He is performing so well we wish he could come back for a longer period later this year. His enthusiasm, his willingness to learn and also his impatience are incredibly valuable and we wish all our senior staff had the same bold attitude”

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