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New Fire Alarm System for the Landmark Shopping Centre

The Landkmark is Doha’s first upmarket shopping centre. The mall was opened in 2005. With an area of over 40,000 m2, more than 100 tenants, a movie theatre, a newly opened Carrefour outlet, hundreds of staff and shoppers passing through the mall everyday, safety and security in the event of a fire is a key concern. 

Mr Zeyad Al Jaidah, Techno Q Managing Director, says: “Today we think of fire fighters less in terms of putting out flames and more as “first responders” to emergencies. We think of fire safety systems in an entirely new light, and the broader term “emergency notification” has become a greater priority in evacuation. Mere fire alarms are no longer enough. This is the reason why Techno Q was tasked with the responsibility of designing and installing a fully integrated fire alarm system for the Landmark Shopping Centre.”

In order to guarantee the highest level of reliability Techno Q professionals have chosen the Gamewell-FCI E3 Series Broadband, on of the most advanced technologies. And one of the first products which have been approved by UL Laboratory as UL 864, 9th Edition. The System has a variety of Panels which allow for limitation in Loopsand Panels and each Loop can fit up to 159 Sensors and 159 Modules.

The system will cover all the hallway and the parking area and it is integrated in such a way that it links into all the other systems in the building, such as the escalators, lifts, air-conditioning plant and smoke vents. Also it can be easily integrated with each tenant systems. The panels are located in the centre management office, where the main security control unit is installed. This has the advantage of providing specific feedback as to the precise detector or device triggered by an alarm, which greatly increases the response time and the effectiveness of the reaction, which is a crucial consideration when every second counts. 18km of cables will be run from the 1,000 cars underground parking lot and the control room located in the Security Room at the existing mall. Last but not least Duct Detectors have been installed in all the Air Conditioning Ducts to detect presence of smoke. 80% of deaths from fire occur in smouldering fires from carbon monoxide asphyxiation: detecting the smoke in the air conditioning system becomes a critical tool to guarantee the indoor areas security.

Mr Walid Khoury, Landmark Shopping Mall General Manager, adds: “Our first aim is to guarantee a pleasant and safe retail experience to all our visitors. Also we want to make sure that the tenants feel as responsible as we do in this concern. We are satisfied and particularly proud of having been praised by the Civil Defence inspectors. We are very pleased with the peace of mind that comes with a sophisticated and reliable fire system, such as the one which we have had installed”.

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