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Techno Q introduces MICROS-Fidelio Financials

Real time data to make right decisions in the Hospitality Industry

The global hotel market had an excellent year in 2007 according to first data from the HotelBenchmark™ Survey by Deloitte. And the Middle East is reported as the fastest tourist growth region, with Qatar scoring a 15 per cent growth in the past year.

Currently the country offers 6,000 hotel rooms, planned to become 7,500 by the end of year and reach 10,000 by 2009. A new property development is announced in the country almost on a daily basis, with the major international chains opening high-end properties. So far the established hospitality operators did face a surging demand for a limited availability, struggling to satisfy the local and international demand for accommodation, catering and convention rooms. This is rapidly changing. An increasing number of players will inject competition in the market, requiring more accurate business intelligence and data analysis.

Business intelligence is all about getting insight out of data. In hospitality, there’s certainly not lacking data. Quite the contrary: operators are struggling with too much of it. Whether it's coming from the PMS, onsite POS, Web applications or one of many proprietary line-of-business applications, there’s an overload of information. The problem is consistency across databases and establishing one point of truth for any particular data set.

It means optimizing and predicting the business, giving users desktop and mobile dashboards with real-time information alerts to help enhance the guest experience, make better decisions and ultimately impact business performance. It's powerful stuff.

Hospitality operators can rely on numerous highly sophisticated solutions with user-friendly interfaces, such as Opera Vision, developed by a worldwide hospitality industry solutions provider such as Micros Fidelio. Opera Vision is a unique suite of management reporting and Business Intelligence software providing pan-application reporting, analytical processing on many levels, scheduling and alerting. The reports are easy accessible within Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word. A Business Intelligence solution that people can use easily, without a steep learning curve. Opera Vision is a solution with built-in analytics to detect and explain trends, problems and opportunities that are often concealed in transactional data. Transforming existing reports into financial, operational or performance dashboards. And the results can be quickly shared and delivered to thousands of users through a web browser or intranet portal.

The benefit is clear: using automated data collection saves time and effort, allowing analysts to spend their time developing answers rather than crunching numbers. Making sense of enormous quantities of rapidly changing data, visualizing and prioritizing that information, and holding the organization accountable for specific performance metrics is essential for success. Having insight that you can act on, allows aligning those activities with corporate goals and forecasts. And by empowering people through familiar tools, empowers the staff to access the needed information to build relationships with guests.

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